European Concern Regarding The Situation Of Justice In Romania

June 21, 2007 2:18 AM
In a press release of May 16, 2007, SoJust drew attention to the danger of the transfer by the Romanian political class of the political conflicts that Romania is going through in the field of justice, with serious and undesirable consequences on the stability of the judicial system. Also SoJust noticed several official institutions of the European Union, international organizations, groups of MEPs, European associations of magistrates on the escalation of events in Romania in terms of ignoring repeated by state agencies and politicians in public offices in Romania of the independence of the judiciary.

Following the analysis of the answers, reactions and signals received as a result of these notifications, some official and public, others informal, SoJust concludes that at the level of the European institutions there is a pronounced feeling of concern regarding the situation of justice in Romania.

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