Right To Reply To An Article In The National Journal

November 17, 2005 1:38 p.m.
To: Jurnalul National
For the attention of Mr. Director Marius TUCA

Dear Mr. Director,

Following the article published in the newspaper Jurnalul National today, November 17, 2005, under the title? Discredit? SCM blocked by SoJust Company? published under the signature of journalist Violeta Fotache, www.jurnalul.ro/articol.php?id=40704 , we request the publication of the following RIGHT TO REPLY.

Beyond the comments of Mr. Dan Lupascu who will receive a separate answer, we point out the following errors in the article mentioned:

1. The statement that SoJust was founded by Mr. Cristi Danilet is not correct, the Society for Justice being a non-governmental organization that was founded in Lapusna, (Mures County) by a group of 13 people, lawyers (lawyers, legal advisers, and magistrates) and political scientists who have in common an interest in a genuine reform of justice in Romania. The Society for Justice is open to any person who shares the same interest with the founding members and who can contribute to the debate on the reform of the judiciary. Thus, among the members of the association there is a judge at the Mures Court of Appeal, a prosecutor from Arad, a lawyer from Bucharest or a lawyer at the Council of the European Union. Judge Cristi Danilet is only one of the founding members of the association, who is temporarily seconded to the Ministry of Justice until the end of this year. The idea of ​​founding this association did not even belong to Mr. Cristi Danilet, although later his reign was, along with the other founders, a fervent supporter of this idea.

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