On Justice Day, SoJust Requests: Total And Real Lustration In Justice

01 July 2007 14:58
SoJust considers that for a recovery of the Romanian society, lustration is necessary and not late . More dangerous is the preservation of the mentalities and practices imposed by those devoted to the communist system, but which occupy positions in the current system. Especially the legal one must be cleaned by such people, precisely because of the role of the backbone that justice plays in a genuine democracy.

However, the lustration must be a real one , ie to lead to the disclosure of all persons who after 1990 held public management positions and the removal from office of those who currently hold such positions and total , involving persons who were members or collaborators of security or have held management positions in the structures mentioned in this study.

The Society for Justice publishes on its website www.sojust.ro a study on lustration, with a special look at lustration in the legal system. Through it, SoJust experts demonstrate that, according to the current legal framework, lustration is incomplete, but also that its legislative generalization could be easily done. They offer the following solutions for achieving the historical moment that was intended to be the Proclamation of Timisoara :

First of all , the Romanian political class, the political parties, whether they are represented in the Parliament or not, must make the historical gesture, in order to initiate and adopt the normative framework necessary for a complete lustration and this not only in relation to magistrates, but in relation with all legal professions: lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, etc. The duty is not only a historical one, in the memory of the victims of communism, but also a future-oriented one, in the sense that future generations should find out the dimensions of the horrors of communist totalitarianism in order to avoid such toxic temptations.

Secondly, the Supreme Council of National Defense must recognize the importance for the very national security of Romania, a democratic state whose stability and constitutional order depend on the functioning of the rule of law, the elimination of all suspicions and risks related to the continuity of communist anti-democratic values. within the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the Constitutional Court and the Superior Council of Magistracy.

Thirdly , until the adoption of the normative framework, it is necessary for the competent bodies to resort to the legal mechanisms for revealing those who have collaborated with the security bodies and who now hold management positions in the judiciary (for example, by an emergency ordinance). empowering CNSAS to give verdicts not only regarding the political police, but also the simple collaboration with the security bodies) or exposing magistrates who were or are undercover agents or collaborators of the Romanian or foreign intelligence services after 1990 (for example, the Council Supreme Defense Department to declassify all this information and make it public).

SoJust appeals to the conscience of all Romanians, to their responsibility for future generations to make every effort to end this tragic chapter in the existence of the Romanian people.

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