Frauds In Occupying Management Positions In ANP

Frauds in occupying management positions in ANP
July 12, 2007 12:00 – IJC
Press release

The Minister of Justice, Tudor Chiuariu, and the magistrates from the leadership of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (ANP) continue to defraud the employment competitions in the penitentiary system

After the recent scandal regarding the rigging of the competitions for hiring the relatives of the ANP general director, prosecutor Alexandru Şerban, (according to the conclusions of the MJ Inspection Corps investigation – note 40510 / 25.04.2007), and after the appearance of information that more than half of the 13,000 employees of the penitentiary system are related ( information no. 252122 of 22.01.2007 of the MoJ) , the Initiative for a Clean Justice discovered, following its own investigation, that the policy of fraud of competitions in the penitentiary system continues.


1. The magistrates crowd on the management positions in the penitentiary system, where they receive, per month, about 140 million old lei . C ontrar Order of Minister nr. 1218/2006, which provides for a competitive methodology, the practice of seconding magistrates to the position of penitentiary directors was resumed through non-transparent procedures, which circumvent the mandatory competitive system for these positions, even when the candidates are magistrates. The Minister of Justice, Tudor Chiuariu, at the proposal of the general director of ANP, appointed only in the last month, without competition, the position of penitentiary director on:

a. – STOICA MARIAN, Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Mehedinţi Tribunal, at the Turnu Severin Penitentiary;

b. – MUREŞAN IOAN, Prosecutor at the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism Crimes – Alba Iulia Territorial Service, at Aiud Penitentiary;

c. – GÎLCĂ IONEL, Chief Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Făurei Court, at the Brăila Penitentiary;

d. – FOCICĂ MIHAELA, Prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Argeş Tribunal, at the Colibaşi Penitentiary;

e. – MIHAI CIORCAŞ, Judge at the Satu Mare Tribunal, at the Satu Mare Penitentiary.

These secondments, made in a total lack of transparency, without competition, without competence criteria and with flagrant violation of the legal norms in force ( Order MJ 1218/2006 on the conditions of participation, organization and conduct of interviews for the positions of director and deputy director of penitentiary and Law 293/2004 on the status of civil servants in ANP) generates a permanent instability, a large deficit of expertise in the management of the penitentiary system, and perpetuates the tradition of nepotism of the system. Magistrates appointed as penitentiary directors earn 3 times more than a civil servant director (!).

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