Former Security

There are strong suspicions that some magistrates were agents or collaborators of the former security of the communist state [10] . We will never know how many of the magistrates after 1990 came from among them, given the mass retirees so far. But for those currently exercising their functions in the judiciary, a system whose primary role is to protect the rights of the individual, we do not see how a magistrate who contributed to the maintenance of security terror could fulfill this high social function.

Although by law no. 247 of 2005 stipulated the obligation for CNSaS to verify the declarations of the magistrates regarding the affiliation or collaboration with the security until January 22, 2006 , nor until now the results of these verifications have been communicated. The law does not provide for any sanctions for the respective magistrates, apart from the fact that they will not be able to hold management positions or SCM members, but SoJust considers that for moral reasons they will have to resign [11] . However, we consider it necessary to publish these statements.

The first magistrate proven, according to the information published in the press [12] , that he collaborated with the security is even a member of the SCM. The refusal of his resignation, as well as of the initiation of the revocation procedure by the president or vice-president of the SCM, as requested by SoJust, AMR and the association 15 November 1987 convinced us that those to apply the same standards to themselves. The failure of the SCM in this matter determined the magistrates from the country to initiate the revocation of the targeted judge – in the last week, the general assemblies of the judges from the courts from Cluj and Oradea have already voted for the revocation.